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Complete Guide for YouTube Marketing & Become Youtuber Training Course


It seems that agreement has been reached, since all billionaires have been born on the platform, it is no longer “worth” to launch a YouTube channel. Yes, you’re likely to get a “creep” on YouTube than an overnight sensation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat cake. The success of YouTube influencers in the past has forced marketers to change how they attract potential audiences. Therefore, this is actually a very relevant dream for my channel. For many companies and anyone who wants to share ideas with people around the world, video platforms are already built into marketing. It is helpful to write a post for anyone who is interested in becoming a YouTuber so it is ready. Say you’re not a YouTube, you don’t want to make the same mistake as me, please come down. Let’s begin.


Overall, the platform has become increasingly popular in recent years. According to the World Marketing report, around two-thirds of adults (68%) use YouTube in the second trimester, compared with less than half (48%) at the beginning of 2018. Compared to many other social platforms, the gap is lower. YouTube users naturally appreciate the ability to deliver educational videos. Of the YouTube users surveyed in the Pew Report, 86% said that the website was very important to them in figuring out how to do things they had never done before. That includes 51% of users, or 35% of the total number of adults in the Malaysia, and they say that achieving this goal is very important. Plus, you don’t need to use YouTube very often: 56% of users who visit YouTube multiple times a day say the website is very important in helping them learn new things, but its value has been so high since almost half (46%) visit the website daily. For single users. With exploitation videos being the most popular type of video for Malaysian adults (especially young people), YouTube is an important platform for brands. It can also be used to counter the trend of social media platforms (including Facebook) instead of video platforms (like YouTube) for video distribution.

At the same time, the Pew survey also included an analysis of YouTube’s video recommendations based on nearly 175,000 “random walks”, which involved randomly selecting 4 recommended videos after watching the introductory video. Among the highlighted results:

  • YouTube recommends the same popular videos multiple times over a quarter of the time.
  • Recommendations increasingly lead users to watch longer videos. The average duration of the first recommended video is 12:18 hours on average, while the average duration of the fourth recommended video has increased to nearly 15 minutes.
  • Recommendations are also increasingly (based on the number of views) leading users to watch more popular videos, regardless of the criteria used to select the launch video (for example, number of views, relevance, date).
  • The most popular videos are strongly targeted at music videos, TV games, children’s content and “life hacks.”

Why YouTube should be part of your online training
You already know that e-learning videos can be very effective learning tools as they add a dynamic element to your e-learning course, improve knowledge transfer, demonstrate complex processes, and help explain difficult topics. Again, depending on your students’ preferences, they may find it particularly interesting. Hence, not only can the YouTube video-sharing website make use of the myriad videos that you can find there, but you can also create your own videos that will help your audience achieve their learning goals and thus have unlimited opportunities for improvement. Your online learning courses. The only thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the video you are using meets the expected learning outcomes and your e-learning audience. In this article, I’m going to share 8 reasons why you should use YouTube on YouTube to ensure that including YouTube in your eLearning program can really improve the eLearning experience for your audience.

Chapters to become successful Youtuber and Master Video Marketing

  • Find out what success means to you and remember it
  • Define the objectives and content of your videos
  • Map it and produces your videos
  • Make sure your channel page is invited and searchable
  • Don’t forget your Youtube SEO
  • Youtube in your studio
  • Tricks and tips on other youtube videos
  • Manage your community as an administrator
  • Use a killer website to spread the word
  • Learn from data analysis

Course Curriculum

Earn From Youtube and Youtube Marketing
Youtube 01-01 Rules of Making Money from Youtube Monetization 00:03:00
Youtube 01-02 Channel Memberships 00:04:00
Youtube 01-03 Channel Sponsors 00:04:00
Youtube & Youtuber Marketing Tips & Tricks
Youtube 02-01 Types of Videos Part 1 00:08:00
Youtube 02-02 Type of Videos part 2 00:07:00
Youtube 02-03 Discovered by Youtube – Google Trends 00:10:00
Youtube 02-04 Discovered by Youtube – Google Keyword Planner 00:03:00
Youtube 02-05 Discovered by Youtube – Your Competitor 00:05:00
Youtube 02-06 Channel Collaboration 00:06:00
How to Boost Subscribers
Youtube 03-01 Start with Own Video or Other Videos 00:03:00
Youtube 03-02 How to Download Youtube Videos 00:06:00
Youtube 03-03 Free Video Editing Software 00:06:00
Youtube 03-04 Target Your First 1000 Subscribers 00:06:00
Start Making Videos
Youtube 04-01 Types of Video Production Setup 00:09:00
Youtube 04-02-01 Camera Recommendation Part 1 00:06:00
Youtube 04-02-02 Camera Recommendation Part 2 00:04:00
Youtube 04-04 Audio & Microphones Recommendation 00:01:00
youtube 04-04-01 Choose Your Audio & Microphones 00:08:00
Youtube 04-05 Screen Recording Software 00:08:00
Setup Your 1st Successful Channel
Youtube 05-01 Google Youtube Profile 00:04:00
Youtube 05-02 Create Youtube Channel 00:06:00
Youtube 05-03 Design Your Channel Art 00:13:00
Youtube 05-04 Channel Description and Links 00:08:00
Youtube 05-05 Channel Favorite 00:03:00
Youtube 05-06 Customize Your Channel Layout 00:04:00
Youtube 05-07 Channel Trailer 00:06:00
Youtube 05-08 Verification Your Youtube Account 00:05:00
Youtube 05-09 Monetization Profit From Youtube 00:03:00
Youtube 05-10 Video Encoding Format 00:05:00
Youtube 05-11 Upload Your 1st Video – Title and Description 00:05:00
Youtube 05-12 Design Video Thumbnails 00:03:00
Youtube 05-13 Video Tags and Playlist Setup 00:05:00
Youtube 05-14 Video Ending Screen – Add Cards & Social Link 00:07:00
Youtube Studio
Youtube 06-01 Dashboard Introduction 00:05:00
Youtube 06-02 Videos Page 00:05:00
Youtube 06-03 Playlist 00:04:00
Youtube 06-04 Reach in Youtube 00:04:00
Youtube 06-04 Youtube Analytics 00:08:00
Youtube 06-05 Setup Subtitles 00:04:00
Youtube 06-07 Copyrights Your Videos 00:04:00
Youtube 06-08 Free Music From Youtube 00:04:00
Youtube 06-09 Video Editor Basic 00:04:00
youtube 06-10 Advanced Youtube Editor 00:03:00
Youtube 06-11 Basic Youtube Channel Setting 00:04:00
Youtube 06-12 Youtube Channel Advanced Setting – Google Adwords Links 00:05:00
Youtube 06-13 Advanced Youtube Channel Setting -Website & Advanced Google Adwords Links 00:05:00
Youtube 06-15 Youtube Channel Branding & Uploads Defaults 00:05:00
Youtube 06-16 Youtube Channel Management 00:02:00
Youtube Marketing Bonus
Youtube 07 Bonus – Youtube Marketing Tools 00:05:00

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  1. Perfect for beginners till advanced level


    A very complete guide for Youtube marketing, love it so much.

  2. 5 hours to learn video marketing and helps lots in my sales


    Learn so much in this course! Never though youtube can be so much hidden function.


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