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Coaching – You are the Success Factor

Many people are swallow up by factors beyond their control. Years of beliefs and mindset cultivated during the life journey unconsciously pushing all the drive and dreams to a place shut away forever. In coaching, coaches held the hand of coachee to unfold this and put the dream into reality. Life become more aspiration then just a mean to meet the end. The ah-ah moments that each coachee achieved to present themselves successfully for the journey that they want to take. This have been practiced effectively to draw result for wining team  Coaches with coachee will have a hand held experience to unlock the coachee’s potential for maximize performance. Learning to manouvre your life around the things you desire.


Benefits for coaches.

  1. Full concentration on knowing the one person called “ME”.
  2. Agenda of coaching belongs to coachee.
  3. Ability to participate fully in cultivating coachee’s potential.
  4. Achieve results of delivering towards the core of coachee needs.
  5. Identify area(s) of opportunity within coachee.
  6. Develop a smooth management of one’s life.


What is needed:-

  1. A willingness to participate – this will determine your values in being a coachee.
  2. A contract of privacy between coachee and coach.
  3. No recording or note taking without permission from either parties.
  4. A guidance for journaling for progress to assist coachee in advancing is needed. Only kept by coachee(s)
  5. Fully attention to the moment – no interruption of any kind to have best result.
  6. A place that is quiet and calm.



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