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Character Logo Design using Adobe Illustrator Course



Each identity logo item is unique. Everyone has their own problems and challenges to overcome in Logo Design. But you still need to handle each task in the same way: develop a workflow to maximize creativity and increase productivity.

This tutorial will guide you through the core stages of creating a new Character logo for the next generation of your future work. I will show you the idea of ​​this identity and explain every stage of the process from idea to final presentation. In addition to showing you some basic tools and skills that you can learn to optimize your Illustrator workflow, I will also share some rules of thumb to help you work smarter to create Character Logo Design

This guide will not only help you build your own identity committee, it also contains useful tips and suggestions to present your vision to clients in the best possible way.

If you are in the area and want to learn more about the great character logo design process, we will cover everything you need to know in a comprehensive guide to logo design. And, if you don’t have Illustrator, you may need to download from here.

illustrator AI-Character-Logo-Design-online-training-course.jpg

In this tutorial, we will use the illustrator tool to create a Character Logo Design. We give the letters their personality by placing the letters in the corners and choosing beautiful fonts. We add crazy Panda characters and combine all the colors while adding simple shadows. Finally, we give this funny logo a cheesy effect. In this tutorial, we will introduce a lot of content, so start Illustrator and let’s get started!

Course Curriculum

Character Logo Design Introduction
Character Logo Design Course Introduction 00:02:00
Tool Introduction 00:02:00
Character Logo Workflow / Steps
Create New File 00:03:00
Choose And Transport Image 00:02:00
Introduction – Paintbrush Tool And Art Brush Setup 00:06:00
Image Tracing 00:04:00
Image Expand Appearance 00:01:00
Introduction Pathfinder Tool 00:01:00
Divide Image Clean Up Drawing Merge Image 00:00:00
Introduction Layers Tool 00:03:00
Color Your Image 00:05:00
Introduction Pencil Tool 00:00:00
Shading Your Image 00:06:00
Introduction Shape Tool 00:04:00
Shape Creation 00:15:00
Introduction Type Tool 00:08:00
Font Selection And Create Typography 00:03:00
Introduction Create Outlines 00:03:00
Introduction Effects To The Text 00:03:00
Introduction Effects With Offset Path 00:18:00
Introduction Effects With Clipping Mask 00:08:00
Character Logo Design Finalize
Final Look And Touch Up 00:02:00
Closing Remarks 00:01:00

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