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Build a Business Card Design Using Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial for illustrators on how to create a business card, we will learn how to create a card for designers who want a fresh and modern look on their brand. In today’s paperless world, business cards are still useful for meetings and formal contacts. Making a good first impression is a key to any business and this card can also be a guide for customers to remember your name. Name Cards are a way to showcase your brand and incorporate your customer’s image into a compelling concept. We are here to show you basic of Adobe Illustrator tools you need to create a complete name card design.

Course design for who?

  • If you like to design a name card
  • If you know nothing about Adobe Illustrator
  • Like to design a name card for yourself or friend
  • Wanna know how to design and send to the printer for offset printing

Course Curriculum

Started with Adobe Illustrator
Business Card Design – New Document in Adobe Illustrator 00:04:00
Business Card Setup
Business Card Design – Business Card Size FREE 00:04:00
Business Card Design – Bleed Margin & Safe Area 00:04:00
Business Card Design – Trim Mark Setup 00:04:00
Colour Setup
Business Card Design – Colour Selection 00:04:00
Business Card Design – Handling Colour and Layers 00:07:00
Logo and Type
Business Card Design – Design a LogoType for your Card 00:06:00
Business Card Design – Tracing Your Logo 00:04:00
Business Card Design – Typography and Font Pairing 00:06:00
Business Card Design – Placing Images 00:03:00
Finalize and Output
Business Card Design – Font Outline and Embedded Images 00:06:00
Business Card Design – Export For Printing 00:02:00
Business Card Design Using Adobe Illustrator Quiz 00:15:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Good Training


    OMG, this helped me a lot because I don’t need to wait designer get back to me on small changes! Good !

  2. Awesome


    Clear flow and easy to follow as a beginner who has no experience in Adobe software! I will join the Graphic Design Course for full guidance!

  3. Self-development


    I guess this is the skill everybody should pickup to enhance self-development! Easy understand and applicable to my company!


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