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Artificial Intelligence AI-Driven Web Scraping Big Data Course



What is web crawling?

In the coming days, it will analyze more and more data collected from popular websites from competitors in the market. Based on this information, strategists and executives can formulate solid business strategies. Analysis of data extracted from a variety of commercial websites will reveal new and reformed strategies. We call this “web scraping”.
Web scraping (also known as crawling or crawling) is the process of automatically collecting data from other websites. Most companies today use junk to develop business strategies.

As businesses are now online, the demand for web scraping is increasing. Companies design strategies after monitoring their competitors’ websites. These strategies depend on the analysis of the data and the data extracted from the Internet. The more data there is, the more you need to analyze it and derive business insights from it.

Tech giant Google is using web scraping technology to build a search database worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Just like Google, many other online services, large and small, use web scraping to create databases.
In this Artificial Intelligence AI-Driven Web Scraping Big Data Course, I discussed the main benefits of AI-based web scraping. Let’s read in detail how business is growing thanks to AI-based web scraping.

Big Data – Web Scraping acquisition: step by step

To better understand the web scraping process, it is best to visualize it in the value chain:

  • As you can see, web scraping involves four different operations:
  • Setup of the search path and URL collection.
  • Scraper development and support.
  • Acquisition and management of agents.
  • Get and analyze data.

Anything other than these terms is considered part of data engineering or data analysis.
Finding out which behaviors fall under the web scraping category can help you identify the most common data collection challenges. We can also see which parts can be automated and improved with AI and ML based solutions.


How is business growing thanks to AI-based web scraping?

Web scraping has become an important part of the business. The facts have proven to be a powerful tool in helping the company develop business intelligence. Let’s see how AI powered web scraping can benefit your business.

Today’s businesses rely on data to make informed decisions.
However, collecting such a large amount of data is a difficult task. Further analysis of the data increases the complexity of:

  • Getting industry information and reports can be too expensive for small businesses.
  • Manual data collection is tedious and difficult. Valuable resources are used that can be better used.
  • Much time is spent collecting and analyzing data that can be used for other value-oriented tasks.

Artificial intelligence can be of great help here. Today, companies are leveraging the powerful capabilities of AI to collect and process large amounts of data. The use of artificial intelligence has become one of the biggest marketing trends that has fundamentally changed the market.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Python Programming
Basic of Python Programming
Data Cleaning using Python
Webscrapping using Beautifulsoup
Case Study: Actual Web-Contents scrapping

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