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How to Apply Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing

The use of artificial intelligence in business operations and practices has become an essential consciousness of the transition to the 21st century. 47% of digital maturity organizations with advanced technology in the digital technology sector already have a specific AI strategy, and 84% of business managers include AI, the company remains competitive. How artificial intelligence affects digital marketing Artificial intelligence is changing dozens of industries. From finance to technology and retail, artificial intelligence is changing the way brands operate. For digital marketers, this is changing the way they connect brands to the public. Machines and computer systems are working like humans, and their tasks include speech recognition, visual perception, translation, and decision-making, which previously required human intelligence. Artificial intelligence can now perform these tasks independently. In fact, by the end of this year, 40% of digital transformation services will use artificial intelligence, and by 2025, the artificial intelligence industry will grow to $ 190 billion. These are just some predictions for AI in 2019. There is no doubt that this technological revolution will have a more positive moment.

This course for who?

  • Be able to create augmented reality experiences for you marketing
  • Be able to create numerous content articles with artificial intelligence tech into your marketing content
  • Be able to curate numerous content articles with artificial intelligence tech
  • Know about a lead-gen platform to extract leads on social media and your platform
  • Know about an influencer marketing platform to use for great insights and digital marketing presented


Course Curriculum

What is AI
How AI do with Digital Marketing
AI handling Marketing
Big Data in Digital Marketing
For Which Industries
Let AI Analysis Marketing
Automation Designer
Create Your Big Data Today

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