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Adobe Illustrator Course for Everyone


You don’t need a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud or pay Illustrator programs, we will provide and guide you through how to install a free version of Adobe Programs. Note: You can also try a 30-day free trial of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Learn and apply graphic design principles, colors, typography and layouts to get a better design! Disappointed with the quality of graphic design freelancer or want to know how graphic designers create effective content? Or just want to learn more about graphic design or start as a graphic designer?

In this Adobe Illustrator course, you will learn and apply design principles to create a variety of graphic designs, social media post design, including online advertising, effective infographics, performance posters in the form of design elements, and postcard design. Learn how to create and apply color themes in graphic design. You will also learn how typography and composition can effectively improve your design. In Adobe Illustrator Training Course, you will use industry-standard software to apply what you have learned to illustration and vector art (Adobe Illustrator).

You might be wondering why you are spending time learning new tools when you are already using Photoshop or InDesign. Or are you all newbies and you might be wondering if you’re dealing with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop? No wonder I chose Illustrator! I like this program for many reasons, from the ability to create clear graphics to the challenge of creating realistic illustrations. I want to convince you to learn Adobe Illustrator, that’s why:

Why Learning Adobe Illustrator Course

Adobe Illustrator is essential for working design in the workplace. Graphic design skills are required in almost any industry and will stand out in any CV. Having a full product portfolio with skills like Adobe Illustrator will give you a sense of understanding when future employers make decisions. Have you ever thought about creating your own cartoon or custom stationery? Adobe Illustrator lets you do this! Do not worry about finding a place outside your imagination to create some beautiful, colorful and exciting graphics. After completing the NAxSkills Adobe Illustrator course, you will understand the basics of using the software. With a little practice, you can create whatever you want. Building a personal brand is important. Your brand tells everyone around you who you are, what you know and what your wishes are. Build your brand with Adobe Illustrator, and things like creating personalized logos have become so simple and fun. To take your brand to a new level, you need to take NAxSkills Adobe Illustrator courses.

Why learn Adobe Illustrator Course from NaxSkills Instructor

You can create pure beautiful vector graphics from Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based program, which means your graphics are scalable, and no matter what size you need, it will never be pixelated. You can create icons, web assets, backgrounds, and vector art. You can create cartoons. Do you have cute cartoon ideas? The monster waiting to draw? When you select the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator and fill it with color, all small characters will become vivid. You can use it for web design, when creating a threaded frame or website, pixel perfection is the ultimate goal. With Adobe Illustrator, you can use grids to set up and customize everything. Illustrator provides a series of web and device configuration files to launch your design, the color space is set to RGB, the device is set to pixels, and “Adjust new objects to pixel networks” is enabled automatically. You can create a logo, Therefore it is best to use Adobe Illustrator to create the logo in vector format. This is great because it has nothing to do with the resolution, and the enlargement and reduction in size will not cause quality degradation. Sometimes customers want to use special colors for their logo and can easily use these spot colors or Pantone colors in Illustrator, especially when you need to make changes immediately.

Adobe Illustrator Course is Perfect to Start to Design

You can create patterns, are you crazy about patterns? You may need to create patterns for textiles or packaging. Illustrator has a pattern tool, it is very fun to create this beautiful pattern! You can create contour drawing, with the ability to create your own brushes and their accuracy, Adobe Illustrator is the most important tool for creating brushstrokes. If you have many sketches and want to turn them into digital art, it will be easy to use “illustrator” and “ink”. You can save graphics in SVG format, SVG is very useful for the web. It bypasses the screen resolution problem and uses all different devices. You can export graphics in SVG format. It looks good no matter what device it is displayed on, whether it is on the retina or not. . SVG is a simplified vector format that can be huge if you need large screen graphics (like jpg or png). Nobody wants to wait for the image to load in the browser. SVG is very simple and a bit nerdy, it is built with XML and can manipulate and design the content of SVG files and even make animations, all with code.

Course Curriculum

Adobe Illustrator Download 00:00:00
Section 1: Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator
01_Create New Document in Adobe Illustrator 00:05:00
02_Introduction of Adobe Illustrator Workspace 00:05:00
03_Create Different Shapes in Adobe Illustrator 00:06:00
04_Constrain Proportion of the Shape 00:02:00
05_Draw A Straight Line and Apply Style 00:04:00
06_How to Group and Combine Objects and the differences 00:05:00
07_Copy And Paste in Adobe Illustrator 00:06:00
Section 3: Apply Basic Tools to Create Simple Artwork
08_Create an Animal Using Shape Tools 00:03:00
09_Draw A Cartoon by Combining and Modifying Different Shapes 00:05:00
Section 4: What is Pen Tools
10_Differences between Selection and Direct Selection Tools and The Functions 00:04:00
11_Basic Intro of Pen Tool and How it Works 00:05:00
11A_Make a Sharp Point on a Line 00:04:00
Section 5: Converting Image to Vector
12_Step 1 – Convert Picture into Vector Using Pen Tool 00:04:00
13_Step 2 – Draw A Cartoon With Sample Using Pen Tool 00:05:00
14_ Step 3 – Draw A Cartoon With Sample Using Pen Tool and Shape Tool 00:04:00
15_ Step 4 – Fill in Colour for the Cartoon 00:03:00
16_ Draw Line Using Pencil and Paint Brush Tools 00:05:00
Section 6: Typography
17_ Different Typing Methods In Illustrator 00:04:00
18_Adjust Font Style Font Size Font Spacing 00:04:00
19_ Source Font Type from Internet and How to Install External Font Family 00:04:00
20_Create Logo using Shape tool Type tool Rotate tool Align Tool 00:07:00
Section 7 : Colour Theory
21_Select The RIGHT Colour and Source Colour From Internet 00:05:00
22_Select Global Standard Colour Without Connecting To Internet 00:03:00
23_Create Theme Colour From the Picture 00:03:00
24_Create Theme Colour Using Colour Themes 00:03:00
25_Create Gradient Colour 00:04:00
26_Colour Theory For Design 00:06:00
Section 8: Basic Effects & Presets
27_Bleed Margin, Rules, Guides to Improve Workflow 00:04:00
28_Crop Picture with The Shape Tools 00:04:00
29_Zig Zag Line, Distort and Transform Effects 00:04:00
30_Create Pattern 00:04:00
31_Apply Drop Shadow 00:04:00
32_Bend and Warp Text 00:02:00
33_Auto Trace Image Using Image Trace Feature 00:04:00
Section 9: Designing Printable Artwork
34_Design Printable Flyer in Adobe Illustrator [Part A] 00:05:00
35_Design Printable Flyer in Adobe Illustrator [Part B] 00:05:00
36_Design Printable Flyer in Adobe Illustrator [Part C] 00:05:00
37_Design Printable Flyer in Adobe Illustrator [Part D] 00:04:00
38_Design Printable Flyer in Adobe Illustrator [Part E] 00:06:00
Section 10: Export
39_Export As JPEG and PNG 00:04:00
40_Export For Printing Purpose and Web Use purpose PDF 00:03:00
Adobe Illustrator Quiz 00:15:00

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    Thanks you so much for valuable training. I really enjoyed it!

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    I hope my employer can provide more chances for me to join these types of online training courses! The learning rooms were better than sitting in a classroom full of students because I was able to focus better.

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    The instructor was AWESOME! I have some knowledge of the program but still learned a good deal in this class!

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    step-by-step guidance, clear instruction and meticulous


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