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Adobe After Effects Beginners Training Course

In many ways, the Adobe After Effects, but it’s best suited for mobile products, and, like Adobe After Effects, it can seem intimidating to new users, and only feels like 10% of the entire process of the app is being used. When special effects are available in Adobe’s Creative Cloud, most motion graphics are important in the workflow of VFX and 3D artists and animators. This is because it delivers a wide range of tools from simple to large scale to two-thirds of the entire 3D stereo mix of text and titles. One of After Effects’ initial challenges was to understand the difference between projects and composition. After Effects has only one open project, which serves as a container for all synthetic files and other necessary files, which have been placed in the Project panel and can be accessed there. If you like to complete your skills as Video Editor, you may consider our Adobe Premiere Pro too.

The NXS Adobe After Effects Online Course Description

  1. Learn how to use Adobe After Effects to create professional animations, animations, and visual effects – don’t be bored!
  2. A comprehensive introductory course for all versions of Adobe After Effects (you can even use the free trial version)
  3. Learn how to create your own motion graphics, animations, titles, and visual effects for video projects
  4. Thorough understanding of all Adobe After Effects basics
  5. Take some of the many exciting online tutorials you can find with confidence
  6. Guaranteed to be a fun video montage educational journey.

What to share in Adobe After Effects Online Training comprehensive beginner’s course

This course covers all the basics of Adobe After Effects, from how the interface works to creating your own Montage Projects.
Finally, you will easily create your own animations and visual effects to prepare you for intermediate training.
After the course, you should be confident and be able to learn all the exciting online tutorials you can find!

I think the teaching material should be both interesting and informative and try to make the course lively, interesting and useful.
Hope you join the exciting world of Adobe After Effects!

Let’s Master these important After Effects features

The user interface and functions of the most important panels
Masking and composition
Combine and use stock photos
Tracking (Mask, Motion and Camera)
Text and shape
Animation and motion design
Visual effects are born

Course Curriculum

Introduction for Adobe After Effects
01_Your Way to Adobe After Effects 00:01:00
02_Create A New Composition 00:03:00
03_New Composition from Footage 00:01:00
04_Import Assets [Videos,Images,Audio] and Manage Project Panel 00:03:00
05_Tip to Avoid After Effects Collapse Without Saving 00:02:00
Section 2: How After Effects Works
06_Place Pictures into Composition 00:02:00
07_Importance of Layer and How to Manage Layer in After Effects 00:02:00
08_Resize, Rotate , Make it Transparent and Adjust Position 00:03:00
09_Adjust the position of the Picture 00:04:00
10_Resize Picture in Timeline 00:02:00
11_Rotation 00:02:00
12_Make an object into transparent [Opacity] 00:02:00
Section 3: Keyframe ,Effects and Preset
13_Create Shapes and The relationship of Anchor Point & Rotation 00:04:00
14_Adjust The Movement of Keyframe [Keyframe Assistant] 00:04:00
15_Adjust the Path Movement From Linear to Curve 00:02:00
16_Apply Preset and Effects 00:03:00
Section 4: Masking
17_Step 1 -What is Masking and The Steps 00:08:00
18_Step 2 -Utilise Masking to do transition 00:02:00
19_Step 3 – Enhance Edge of the Mask 00:02:00
20_Masking Using Shape Tools 00:03:00
21_Replace the Content of Masking [Alpha Matte] 00:02:00
22_Stay Keyframe 00:03:00
Section 5: Text
23_Create Text and Text Box 00:03:00
Section 6: Animating Text
24_Adding Text Animator 00:02:00
25_Text on the Path 00:03:00
26_Animating imported Photoshop text 00:03:00
27_Simple Path Animation to Create Fancy Effects 00:02:00
28_Adding Text Animator Manually 00:03:00
29_Adjusting Keyframe in Text Animator 00:03:00
30_Adding Range Selector 00:02:00
31_Adding Properties into Existing Animator 00:03:00
32_Export Video 00:05:00
Adobe After Effects Quiz 00:15:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Comprehensive


    The training was extremely comprehensive and useful.

  2. Great Online Training Course with unlimited access


    This was my first time taking a course in this format [online training course] and it far exceeded my expectations.

  3. Naxskills- my first choice of online training platform


    I am so impressed with NAXSKILLS – the courses; contents are actually practical, applicable & understandable. If I ever need additional training, Naxskills will be my first choice!

  4. Easy for beginner


    The instructor did a great job in covering the course material.


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