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3D Modeling in Blender 3D Course

Whether you are a newbie to 3D or looking for interesting projects in Blender, modeling acoustic guitars is always fun, and brings with it many challenges and learning opportunities to model hard surfaces.

In this course, I will walk you through the creation process from the ground up. Starting with setting up a background image for reference, you will learn the entire workflow for creating detailed 3D models. Then we use a smart workflow to gradually build each part of the model to get a good topology and perfect shape. You will also learn how to use many different “modifiers” in Blender to speed up the workflow and make modeling more efficient.

3D Modeling in Blender 3D Course details

The narration of these videos is real time so I’ll speak to you as I walk you step by step through the videos and explain why I do everything I do so that you can better understand the whole process. A keyboard shortcut will also appear at the bottom of the video. I also said that these keyboard shortcuts are what I use when I use them so that you always know what I am doing as you step through the process at a steady pace.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Blender
How to download Blender 00:01:00
User Interface
Blender First Time Setup 00:03:00
Main windows 00:02:00
Workspace 00:02:00
Blender Navigation 00:04:00
Modes 00:03:00
Viewport Shadings 00:03:00
Methods and Algorithms for 3D modeling Serum Bottle
Add, Grab, Scale & Rotate 00:07:00
Import Image, Extrude & Bevel 00:09:00
Inset, Add Loop Cut, Add & Decrease Selection 00:06:00
How to Model Bottle Neck Ring (Curve, Skrew Modifier, Convert to) 00:09:00
Delete Face, Snapping, Face Orientation & Fix Normal 00:07:00
Model Cap & Syringe (Duplicate & Separate) 00:06:00
Material & UVs - Node Editor
Principle Shader 00:09:00
HDRI & Material Setup 00:07:00
Adding Label 00:09:00
Adding Fluid 00:06:00
Parents 00:05:00
Wall & Floor Material 00:07:00
Lighting & Composition
Add Camera 00:04:00
Camera Setting 00:03:00
Introduction to Light 00:04:00
Creating a Box Mockup from Dieline Design
Import Images as Planes 00:05:00
Folding The Dieline Design 00:06:00
Making the Inside Part of the Box 00:06:00
Setting Up the Scene 00:05:00
Create a Water Droplet 00:03:00
Create a Metal Wire 00:09:00
Modelling Mirror 00:08:00
Online Asset Library
Quixel Bridge 00:09:00
Sketchfab 00:05:00
Rendering Tips & Tricks
Three Point Lighting 00:06:00
Blender Rendering 00:05:00

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